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President Donald J. Trump
Our Final Show....
LIVE Saturday (1/21) 8 AM EST

On Friday, Donald J. Trump will be sworn into office as the 45th President of the United States of America. During the darkest days of the Obama administration, it was at times hard to believe that the system could be overcome. But America came together once more to elect a fiercely patriotic man who loves this country, and has vowed to "Make America Great Again!" We at the USA Transnational Report could not be happier!

This Saturday, we'll bring you the latest news about Trump's cabinet nominees, some of whom are to be confirmed on following the inauguration. We'll also discuss the lowly and pathetic actions of many Democrats who are boycotting the inauguration. Newsflash: it'll happen anyway! As usual, you'll also be informed on important events overseas.

Finally, Trump's first full day in office will sadly be our last on the air. Many other projects and responsibilities beckon. Your faithful panel will pursue our patriotic cause in a variety of other ways. But, do count on us appearing on our producer's program, the JJ McCartney Show, from time to time (and as he will have us).

Thank you for all listening to our political analysis over the last year and a half. We hope you found it informative and, possibly, enlightening. And thanks most of all for your love of country! God Bless (soon to be) President Trump and the USA!

Topics of Discussion:

  • President Trump & Inauguration
  • Status of the Cabinet Confirmation Hearings
  • Obama's Clemency to Manning and other terrorists and criminals
  • Obama admin orders $500 mil sent to UN to support "climate change" initiatives
  • Jared Kushner to be Arab-Israeli peace envoy
  • Mossad spy ring uncovered in Algeria

& more . . .

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