Elections Really are Rigged!
Last Chance to Win
LIVE Saturday (10/22) 8 AM EST!!!

Election and voter fraud are myths?  Who knew?  Despite mounds and decades of evidence to the contrary, the media tell us that Trump is “dangerous” and “undemocratic” for daring to suggest that this election, including the media’s coverage of the candidates, is rigged.  We may appropriately quote 1984: “Who controls the past controls the future; who controls the present controls the past.”  Right now they have the control; it’s our job to wrest it back from them.

Since the final debate, there’s been hardly a mention of 1) The Clinton Foundation – a criminal enterprise 2) Hillary’s incitement of violence at Trump’s rallies 3) The modern Middle East, half burned down, thanks to Hillary.  And yet we are supposed to believe that it’s all Russia’s fault…

America, this is our last chance!

Join us Saturday as we discuss these topics and more…

Topics of Discussion:
  • Election fraud is real and common!
  • Amnesty International appoints MB Communications Director
  • U.S. continues to fund leftist Israeli NGOs
  • Philippine’s Duterte announces “separation” from United States
  • Egypt and Russia hold joint military exercises
  • National and International Headlines…

& more . . .

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