Our Media's Distraction
Post-Obama Middle East Analysis
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War with Russia?  So suggests John McCain, in so many words.  In advocating for decisive action in Syria, the Senator insinuates he is OK with a head-on collision with Russia.  And the media report this 'threat' as though it might actually spark a nuclear war.  While the situation is tense and even volatile, could it really spark a nuclear war?  Unlikely.

Along the southeast coast, a hurricane threatens destruction.  Like Sandy in 2012, it overshadows a looming election - at least for a few days in the news cycle.  It's obvious, with the Doomsday reporting of nuclear war and natural disasters, that the media do not want us focused on the choice we have ahead.

For example, our next president will be faced with challenges of a world that has inverted against America.  Throughout the Middle East, the USA's former allies are all turning toward Russia.  Who's to say that Europe isn't next?  We'll give you our analysis on this and more topics...

Join us Saturday for these topics and more...

Topics of Discussion:

  • The Media’s Distractions
  • October Surprises
  • New U.N. Leader
  • Israel selling Iron Dome to Azerbaijan
  • Achille Lauro remembrance
  • Post-Obama Middle East Analysis

& more . . .

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