It's Payback Time!
Post-Election Analysis and Insight
LIVE Saturday (11/12) 8 AM EST!!!

We did it! The election of Donald J. Trump vanquishes the corrupt dynasties of the Clintons and Bushes, and may permanently redraw the ideological spectrum. When Trump takes office in January, he will end an eight year national nightmare. We were truly spared a dark fate, more so than many understand.

But the work is just beginning. In the short term, we must not forget how we got here and who is responsible. That includes a vast number of politicians, pundits, "experts," and activists from both parties. For the good the country, it's payback time. Let's settle some scores! George Soros, you might want to take note.

We'll also look ahead at what the First 100 Days may involve, and who is potentially on tap for Cabinet positions. Which countries will Trump meet with first to restore our tattered relations? What's in store for the Middle East, the region most devastated by Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton?

Join us Saturday as we discuss these topics and CELEBRATE!...

Topics of Discussion:

  • Payback Time!
  • End of the Dynasties - Bush and Clinton
  • Legislative Outlook
  • State-level results - "Republicans" win big
  • Rebuilding America's alliances
  • Who will Obama pardon?
  • A reminder of The Betrayal Papers, and what was at stake

& more...

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