Polls Tighten as Election Day Looms
Wikileaks Confirms More Clinton Scandals
LIVE Saturday (10/29) 8 AM EST!!!

Another Friday, another "bombshell" news day.  The FBI reopens its criminal investigation into Hillary Clinton's private email server?  Why?  With the most significant election of our lifetime only a week from Tuesday, we also take a hard look at what the polls really tell us, and determine to what extent they can be trusted.

Meanwhile, with each release of the Podesta emails, our worst suspicions about Bill and Hillary Clinton continue to be confirmed. Pay-to-play, unjustifiably massive speaking fees, and outright alarm within the Clinton camp that Hillary had been so lax with a private email server. Of course, the corrupt machine in D.C. has no problem with her candidacy. She's their ideal candidate.

Around the world, they aren't waiting for the United States to get our act together. The international security situation is rapidly evolving. We'll bring you the latest stories from South Africa, Israel, South Korea, Iran, and Germany.

Join us Saturday as we discuss these topics and more...

Topics of Discussion:

  • FBI re-opens Hillary Clinton criminal investigation
  • The Polls Tighten Up
  • South Korea may use Israeli spy satellite
  • South Africa informed UN that it was withdrawing from the ICC (International Criminal Court)
  • Iranians claim to have exposed US spy devices
  • Latest WikiLeak revelations
  • Israeli Navy close to finalize deal to buy 3 nuclear-capable submarines from Germany

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